We are proud to introduce our parliamentary candidate for Wimbledon, Rachel Brooks

I have lived in the Wimbledon constituency for nearly three decades. I grew up here, was educated here, and have started my own family here. I have come to know and understand the many faces of Wimbledon – there are so many great things about the area, but there is also so much we could do better.


Locally, my interests are:

  • Improving access to green space and protecting what we already have.
  • Urban greening as a tool to tackle flood risks, heat island effects, well-being and air quality.
  • Sensible planning decisions that bring needed infrastructure and development to the area without compromising on nature or pricing out local residents.
  • Attracting green industries and jobs, bringing meaningful training and employment opportunities to all.
  • Listening to you. I want more ways for people to be heard – from citizens’ assemblies to transparent consultation. Got an idea? Email me at wimbledon@votegreen.uk


Nationally, I want to see:

  • Protection for nature at all levels of decision-making.
  • A properly funded and staffed NHS.
  • School curriculums that are relevant to the 21st century.
  • Affordable homes, built to the top environmental standards.
  • The UK backing an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and Israel.
  • Clean waterways and the end of sewage dumping into our seas and rivers.


About Me

I have dedicated my life so far to understanding and implementing solutions to the climate emergency and other sustainability challenges. In my current job, I design and originate new projects that remove or avoid greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Prior to this, I have worked as a freelance environmental consultant, science and maths tutor, and director of a small sustainable development charity working in the South Pacific. I hold two master’s degrees, in Natural Sciences and Green Chemistry from global top 10 universities, and also spent many years researching novel plant-based materials. I am an alumni from the pan-European EIT Climate KIC programme, placing me in an international network of climate entrepreneurs.


When I’m not working, I spend my time hanging out with my family, walking the dog, cycling, going to the theatre, discussing books with the local book club, doing DIY and, if there’s any time left, painting.


What Sort of a Politician Would I Be?

It is clear to me that the solutions we need to solve the climate and nature crises already exist, but the political will to get behind these solutions is absent. This is why we need Green politicians in parliament: to bring the knowledge and big ideas to the forefront of the national conversation.


To me, green solutions are not about disruption and personal sacrifice, they are about the opportunity to live better. Keeping nature and the environment at the heart of decision-making at all levels is a one-pot strategy for tackling multiple challenges at the same time. Increasing access to nature, for example, is known to promote wellbeing, improve physical health, lower crime rates, combat urban heat island effects, strengthen communities, clean our air and, of course, absorb CO2. Prioritising joined-up strategies that address multiple problems simultaneously is also a way to do more with less – let’s spend smarter, not look for magic money trees.


Final Word

We don’t inherit the world from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. As a parent to a young child, I have one eye firmly set on her future. And this is why I feel the great imperative to stand for the Greens: there’s no time to waste. The Green Party is the only party that will put the climate emergency first, and no other candidate for Wimbledon is better placed than I am to navigate, mitigate and adapt to the urgent climate and sustainability challenges we face.


A Green vote is not a wasted vote, it’s a vote for good ideas – the right ideas to navigate the climate emergency. It’s a vote that puts the needs of our children above the interests of big business. It’s a vote that gets the attention of the other parties. It’s a vote that gets our policies noticed – and emulated. And in particular, it’s a vote that gets Greens funded – meaning more Greens standing in more elections and, ultimately, more Greens in power.

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    We interviewed Pippa Maslin in the GLA Elections and with the General Election now on we are covering this event. We are talking to Lib Dem Candidate , Labour Candidate too. Let me know or Chris Mitchell on 07870917287 or Email Mikeraid@yahoo.co.uk

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